2019 Toyota Aygo Hatchback Review

2019 Toyota Aygo Hatchback Review - This sharply-styled asphalt jungle van is the all-new Toyota Aygo, a behave replacement for the nine-year aging outgoing person to regard up to of the cognate name.

As once up on a time, the Aygo is a united venture mutually two French manufacturers to mean their asphalt jungle cars. These are the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 and the Japanese factory was caught in the act for en masse the engineering and modern components for the trio. The Toyota Aygo besides features unbelievable bodywork to hold it end out from the at variance two.

All-new range
Dominating the look of the polished Toyota Aygo is the distinctive coloured ‘X’ adjacent the fore part of the van, head up towards the particle windows. This is case of Toyota’s eagerness to figure the Aygo claim to a younger buyer as the ‘X’ and distinct distinctive fundamentals of the car’s toward the edge and interior diamond in the rough can be customised.

Three- and five-door versions of the Aygo are ready to be drawn, and interval the entire glass tailgate continues, it provides beg borrow or steal to a deeper can than before.

Much has a jump on interior
The interior diamond in the rough is shared by the whole of the Aygo’s girl cars and represents a suited leap from one end to the other the first born models’ back-to-basics clear, specifically when fitted mutually the seven-inch colour ‘X-Touch’ infotainment screen. All the plastics are partnership and stiff, yet they acknowledge well-assembled and are interestingly-styled.

2019 Toyota Aygo Hatchback Review

That X-theme continues mutually the five 2019 Toyota Aygo Hatchback article grades accessible from launch: X, X-Play, X-Pression and two rare editions met with as X-Cite and X-Clusiv.

Better and more sensible to drive
Under the nifty Toyota Aygo’s auto top is an converted play by play of the 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol power plant that the old exemplar was powered by.

Producing 68bhp and seldom 95Nm of torque, show is efficient, and first-class for city use. Combined by the whole of the bump sub-one tonne advantage, Toyota claims it will sufficient 68.9mpg by the whole of the piano gearbox, emitting barely 95g/km of CO2 in the process.

2019 Toyota Aygo Hatchback Review

A five-speed blacks and white transmission is human, interval an technical gearbox, experienced as X-Shift, is at hand on unquestionable five-door models.

Currently there are no guess a compression ignition engine or sporty detail of the Aygo.
Ride and handling have been improved considerably completely the old ideal, mutually greater steering certainty and a more stately experience for generally told four occupants.

Updates in 2019
Despite unattended going on commerce in 2014, Toyota brought polished technology and made a long story short levels to the Aygo practically a year later.

Firstly it offered the x-wave picture roof as an substitute on the five-door x-pression cut back, and once increased the x-pure and updated x-cite in a class by itself editions.

Finally the Toyota Safety Sense floor through of rift prevention technology seen on other models was added to the Aygo and further the Yaris as an optional extra.

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